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Intro and Help

General discussion about anything and everything regarding the Suzuki Aerio.

Intro and Help

Postby Selfhavok » Fri Mar 17, 2017 6:25 pm

Good evening everyone, been following the forum for awhile, but just decided to join.

Soooo.... the reason I decided to join.... I have a 2002 Suzuki Aerio with an auto Tran. The car is awesome, runs and drives great, however, when I drive down the highway, I loose a ridiculous amount of Transmission fluid. I've crawled under and looked everywhere, and I cannot find a leak, however the bottom of the car is soaked in oil, and after driving down the highway, the rear bumper and trunk lid are covered in oil. I've been trying to locate a service manual, and no one has one or can get one. There is only one Suzuki dealership on the island here, and I have been there. They can offer no help, and also cannot help me locate a service manual.

Second, I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations on where to find parts for these cars? There are not a lot of them around here, and even less in the scrap yards. I'm looking for the little aerio badge that goes on the passenger side front fender, and a window switch for the front passenger side door.

Hope I posted this in the right spot, look forward to being apart of the community. Thanks a lot

Aerio Virgin
Aerio Virgin
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